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Today, consumers prefer to consume natural, environmentally friendly and safe products. This fact obliges food producers to use natural ingredients. The company RusAgroGrupp offers the technology to use liquid egg products "GROVO®" is a natural eggs in practical packaging.


The egg products "GROVO®" is a natural eggs that have been pasteurized in careful mode and retains all its beneficial properties. The possibility of their application in the food industry are quite large, here are some of them:
  • Egg white "GROVO®" allows you to create airy foams for confectionery products such as marshmallows, meringues, soufflés. With pasteurized protein GROVO® manage even the most complex cake.
  • Egg yolk "GROVO®" is perfect for the production of bakery and pasta products pastry creams. It's ice cream a rich taste. Product absolute bacteriological purity, ideal for preparing all your favorite eggnog.
  • Egg melange "GROVO®" perfectly kneaded with flour and mince. Have the sausages improved consistency, and the dough becomes elastic, smooth, plastic, increases the adhesion of the edges. When using the dumplings do not crack during storage, and the pastries are easily the most complex forms.


With egg products "GROVO®" You avoid losses during transportation, storage and processing. You save on the processing areas, as well as on the content of the staff working in this area. Packaging egg products"GROVO®" on the principle of "open and use" can be put on production without any additional effort. To all these advantages, you can add the safety and usefulness of the product as well as its natural taste and smell, which are not lost owing to the light conditions of the modern pasteurization.

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