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Egg liquid egg «Easy egg» Grovo – excellent quality at a reasonable price

GROVO egg melange
® (pasteurized liquid egg) is a homogeneous mixture of protein and egg yolks in natural proportion chicken eggs of the 1st category. The product is completely absent foreign material, shell fragments and films. Complies with GOST 30363-2013. Refrigerated has a liquid consistency. Color range from yellow to orange. Pasteurized egg melange GROVO® successfully replaces eggs in the shell in all the dishes that do not require separating eggs into yolks and whites. #Grovo



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Nature has created the perfect combination of nutrients, amino acids and trace elements in a single whole – egg. She provided the perfect packaging for him – the shell. But there is one drawback – the fragility and short shelf life. People tried to correct the flaws of nature, and he succeeded! Pasteurized liquid egg product (liquid egg) in a package can be stored for 56 days, while in shell – only 25 days.

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PKF RusAgroGrupp high-tech production on the Italian equipment Avitec. The pasteurization killed pathogenic microorganisms, making the product the egg is safe for consumption even without heat treatment.

A variety of bag packaging allows our company to sell goods both wholesale and retail.

Products from the manufacturer is your guarantee of high quality confirmed by certification documents. In addition, the purchase of goods in the form of melange in bottles is economically advantageous: 1 kg the product complies with 24 eggs. Price per 1 kg of finished melange is substantially below this value.

To order and buy our products in the Central sales office in Nizhny Novgorod. Advice on prices, terms of purchase, please call the office. All coordinates are specified in section «Contacts» of our website.

Pasteurized liquid egg Grovo (melange) Packed:


  • in a sterile plastic Running-in-Box packages with a net weight of 10, 20kg;
  • PET bottles with a net weight of 350, 500 or 900 g;
  • still bottoms in tanks with a capacity of 1000 kg.

1 kg of pasteurized liquid egg contains 22-24 eggs.

In the household use the following ratio: 3 tablespoons = 1 broken chicken egg.

Industry, which use pasteurized egg melange, egg yolk and white