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Egg whites in bottles: convenient, economical, safe

Egg whites in the bottle is a homogeneous product without impurities, no shell fragments or films. Refrigerated dense and fluid. Protein translucent. Color from light yellow to light green. Has a natural egg taste and smell due to the delicate pasteurization at a temperature that preserves the molecular structure of the protein. #Grovo

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Professional or Amateur cooking course suggests a continuing need in the chicken egg. As a rule, when cooking a certain dish will require either egg white or egg yolk. The separation of whole eggs into components is a tedious task. In addition, there is a risk of falling into a dish of pathogenic bacteria from the shell.

Pasteurized egg whites in bottles may be the solution to the problem. It is a completely safe option use as possible the contact with the shell.

Manufacturing, packaging and your benefit

During production, the product is pasteurized at a temperature precluding the destruction of its molecular composition. Ingredient then pasteurized aseptically packaged in containers. A liquid substance is poured into bottles of different capacity (0.3, 0.5, or 0.9 liters). For wholesale sales use bag in box (package in box) with a volume of 10 or 20 kg Store the product in such containers in compliance with storage conditions (ventilated area with temperatures 0 to 4 degrees) can be up to 56 days. For very large enterprises products are bottled in boiler capacity 1000kg.

The economic benefit (price for 1kg) products in bottles are obvious: 1 kg is a protein of 36 fresh eggs.

How to order?

PKF RusAgroGrupp engaged in the production and sale of egg products. Our company offers everyone to buy pasteurized egg egg white from the manufacturer. Available, any amount. When you purchase wholesale goods price lower than the price of retail.

Pasteurized liquid egg white Grovo Packed:


  • in a sterile plastic Running-in-Box packages with a net weight of 10, 20kg;
  • PET bottles with a net weight of 350, 500 or 900 g;
  • still bottoms in tanks with a capacity of 1000 kg.

1 kg of pasteurized liquid egg white contains proteins 35-37 fresh eggs.

Pasteurized liquid egg white stored at a temperature of 0 +4°C in a well ventilated area. The shelf life of chilled white of 56 days from the date of manufacture.

After opening the package, under the conditions of storage 0 +4°C, the product used for 5 days.

Industry, which use pasteurized egg melange, egg yolk and white