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gel-400x335Fermented egg yolk — an ideal ingredient for the fat-and-oil industry
Egg yolk fermented is a product without foreign impurities, without shell fragments and films. Contains a thermostable enzyme, salt. In the cooled state it is thick and fluid, opaque. Color — from yellow to orange.

Has a natural egg smell and taste. #Grovo


Thanks to the fermentation, the stabilizing and emulsifying properties of the liquid egg yolk are increased and high thermal stability is achieved. Manufacturers of mayonnaise and sauces with such an ingredient may not worry about the quality, safety and shelf life of their products. The fermented egg yolk gives a deep taste and excellent consistency without the use of synthetic compositions.

Like all GROVO egg products, the fermented egg yolk is made only from the best eggs and passes the obligatory pasteurization. Shelf life — 56 days at a storage temperature from 0C to + 4C.

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