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The advantages of using pasteurized egg products GROVO compared to chicken eggs (food production, HoreCa)

The tradition to use on an industrial scale whole chicken egg has taken root in many enterprises over the years. However, few know that with the advent of pasteurized egg products has an opportunity to make production more efficient, environmentally friendly and less labor-intensive. To learn how to bring the production to a new level, let us consider the advantages of working with pasteurized egg products.

  • The period of storage.

According to the requirements of the Russian GOST 31654-2012, the shelf life of table eggs is not more than 25 days if you store them at a temperature from 0C to +20C.

The shelf life of GROVO egg products at a temperature range from 0C to +4C – 56 days. This is two times more compared to the shelf life of chicken eggs in the shell. This contributes to the high-tech production process, mandatory homogenization and pasteurization of the product, as well as hermetic packaging. After opening the shelf life to 5 days.

  • Security.

The lack of strength of the shell causes a battle of eggs, that is their loss during transportation, sorting, packaging and storage. In addition, the shell is not enough to protect the eggs from drying out and penetration of microorganisms. This eventually leads to damage of the eggs even under optimal storage conditions.

GROVO egg products undergo several stages of microbiological checks and mandatory pasteurization. Thus, the eggs get safe from the point of view of Microbiology and retain all its useful properties. In addition, the products GROVO Packed into sterile PET bottles or Bag-In-Box packages.

  • Homogenized product.

Homogenization of egg products is the creation by blending is stable in time homogeneous structure of the egg mass. Homogenized products retain their properties for a longer time. Italian equipment allows us to produce a fully homogenous, uniform mass of yolk, white and melange GROVO. Thus the products already ready to use and do not require additional manipulations.

  • Savings.

Ready-to-eat egg products GROVO significantly save money, time and reduce labor costs as part of work on pre-processing of eggs has already been done:

— treated before the breakdown and broken eggs;

— separated the yolk from the white (or Vice versa);

— uniformly mixed yolks and whites (melange);

— disposed of the shell.

  • The ease of use.

GROVO egg products are bottled in aseptic packages Bag-In-Box (10 and 20kg), also uses sterile PET bottles 0,33; 0,5 and 0,9 m. For large-scale industrial production, products are delivered in special stainless steel tanks with capacity from 500 up to 1000 L. This packaging allows each production to choose a convenient volume of products and save place to store it. Also reduced transportation costs. The most important is the product easy to dispense when using.

  • Quality.

GROVO egg products certified for food production and implementation of retail according to GOST (30363-2013). This fact is a guarantee that in the egg product contains no additives of any kind. However, production GROVO certified according to the International system «FoodSafetySystemCertification 22000», which confirms the high reliability level of the production cycle, process and staff development.

The company also has RusAgroGrupp the conclusion of VNIIPP (ALL-RUSSIAN SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH INSTITUTE
POULTRY PROCESSING INDUSTRY) that products GROVO can be used for the preparation of ready meals in nutrition of all population groups, including children of preschool and school age.


Summing up the results of our comparison, it is safe to say that the GROVO egg products is the same as chicken eggs only more convenient and safe to use in food production.