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Pasteurized egg products Grovo – comfortable «sounding» chicken eggs

The main criteria of a successful dish – inspiration, perfect proportions, and, of course, high-quality ingredients.

Suggest You use liquid pasteurized egg products Grovo. Features of this product compared to whole chicken eggs:

Egg pasteurized GROVO Whole chicken egg
— takes up little space in the refrigerator (Packed in bottles of 0.5 l, 0.9 l) — takes a lot of space in the fridge
— microbiologically safe (after pasteurization) — high risk of exposure to dangerous bacteria
— eliminates the possibility of the fight — high risk of battle eggs
— shelf life 56 days (no preservatives, GOST 30363-2013) — shelf life of 25 days (according to GOST 31654-2012)
— after opening fit 5 days — after opening, keep frozen
— assortment: egg, separate the yolk and the white — the necessary separation for separation of protein or egg yolk
— homogeneous structure (homogenized) — not uniform in structure

Product line GROVO:

Pasteurized egg Grovo, also called Melange (a mixture of protein and egg yolks in natural proportion chicken eggs). It is a natural product with natural taste, odor, color and natural properties. He is fully ready to drink and contains no preservatives or additives.

Egg protein is pasteurized Grovo. No foreign matter.

Egg yolk pasteurized Grovo. No foreign matter.

For ease of use we offer several packaging options:

  • a volume of 10 and 20 kg packages Bag-in-Box

he use of pasteurized egg products GROVO will free You: from the problems with hidden losses of eggs, from the processes of washing and breaking eggs, disposing of the shell and packing eggs. Documents confirming the exceptional quality of the products Grovo are in the Certificates section. The company «RusAgroGrupp», is a member of the Association of cooks of Russia, and thereby confirms its status of a reliable partner and emphasizes the qualitative features of all products.


Use in the kitchen, pasteurized egg products are absolutely safe. Modern method of pasteurization allows you to destroy Salmonella and all pathogenic bacteria that can occur in the egg in the shell. Sealed packaging ensures the safety of egg products for 56 days.

It is a natural living product with natural taste, odor, color and natural properties. He is fully ready to drink and contains no preservatives or additives.

It is economical. You cut costs, since the eggs already shelled and they can't break. In addition, the processed product allows You not to think about waste disposal and non-returnable containers. And the compact packaging does not require large storage areas.

This is a really easy way to cook. No extra action: you need only to open the package and add the prepared protein, the yolk or the egg (chicken egg).

The action taking place in the kitchen of good schools is a well organized process that requires discipline and true quality of the ingredients used. Trust trusted partners, and use unique products to tasty recipes to life.