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etiketka4_1If you lead an active lifestyle, watch your health, do sports and want to have a beautiful body, you need to pay close attention to their nutrition. To maintain immunity, strengthen the body and muscle building necessary protein.Better suited for these purposes easily digestible animal protein and egg protein. It is one of the main sources of protein and contains an optimal amount of sulfur-containing amino acids (cysteine, methionine) and of globular proteins, which are responsible for muscle growth and anti-catabolism. 100 grams egg whites replaces 120 grams of meat.


Our company offers liquid egg white BATTLE KIT in PET bottles. It lacks carbohydrates and fats, preservatives, dyes and harmful additives. He is fully ready to eat — you can drink it in «raw» form, to prepare protein shakes or your favorite dishes. Liquid protein BATTLE KIT is 100% protein  with optimum amino acid profile that will help you to achieve a beautiful body, build muscle, strengthen immunity, and train hard.

Proteins are the basic material from which are formed the muscle fibers, making it ideal for sports nutrition. Proteins are necessary for those who engaged in strength training, bodybuilding, or high-speed types of sport.

Amino acids involved in building muscle fibers, strengthening the body and restore the balance of hormones, enzymes and antibodies. They are mandatory for people who follow an active lifestyle and look after their health.


The uniqueness of egg whites BATTLE KIT — in the optimal composition and convenient packaging. You can drink it straight from the bottle, without exposing to heat treatment, and are not afraid of harmful bacteria. You can whip the liquid white with a whisk or blender, gradually increasing the speed, and prepare a protein shake, or just to fry eggs or an omelet. Liquid protein BATTLE KIT it's simple — you can drink it after workouts to take with you and cook them with your favorite dishes. Liquid protein BATTLE KIT you will achieve a beautiful body, strengthen the immune system and always find the strength for active workouts.

The calculation of daily protein requirements the daily protein needs (in grams):

The factor intensity
1,4 moderate athletic training 3 times a week
1,6 daily moderate athletic or aerobic training
1,8 daily intense athletic training
2,0 precompetitive preparation

= dry body weight (in kg)*factor intensity