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Egg yolk in the bottle is an important ingredient of food in convenient containers

Egg yolk 
is the homogeneous product without impurities, no shell fragments or films. Refrigerated thick and flowing, opaque. Color – from yellow to orange.

The egg has a natural smell and taste. Has a high nutritional value. #Grovo



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This product is an indispensable source of amino acids, vitamins and trace elements for humans. As in industrial scales, food service establishments, and personal kitchens it is used in the preparation of many dishes: sauces, mayonnaise, creams, liqueurs, pasta, ice cream and others.

Pasteurized egg yolk in the bottle is the ideal solution for every application:

  • It is a natural product without additives or preservatives in a convenient package.

  • Manufactured in accordance with GOST, it has a natural taste and is safe in bacterial respect.

  • The egg products from manufacturer FSC RusAgroGrupp comply with the safety requirements and European quality standards. They can be eaten even without heat treatment.

Our offer

Egg yolk in the bottle – good buy: the price for 1 kg of product is much lower than the cost of 56 eggs from which it was produced. The company RusAgroGrupp produces high quality bottled products, and implements wholesale and retail.

Production is located in the town of Bogorodsk in the Nizhny Novgorod region. Our firm has dozens of distributors across the country, as well as its own well-developed logistics network. Quickly deliver goods to the regions. Shelf life of liquid products is 56 days from the date of manufacture.

Pasteurized liquid egg yolk Grovo Packed:


  • in a sterile plastic Running-in-Box packages with a net weight of 10, 20kg;
  • PET bottles with a net weight of 350, 500 or 900 g;
  • still bottoms in tanks with a capacity of 1000 kg.

1 kg of pasteurized liquid egg yolk contains 55-56 yolks of fresh eggs.

Pasteurized liquid egg yolk stored at a temperature of 0 +4°C in a well ventilated area. The shelf life of chilled white of 56 days from the date of manufacture.
After opening the package, under the conditions of storage 0 +4°C, the product used for 5 days.

Industry, which use pasteurized egg melange, egg yolk and white