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Eggshell is a natural source of calcium! 

       скорлупаSince time immemorial, eggshell is considered the best organic fertilizer. Especially for soils with high acidity. It the shell is a source of natural calcium, which is very important for soil fertility. Today, it is possible to assert with confidence, that the use, properties and chemical composition of the shell thoroughly studied by science. So why is it so useful? All the matter in its composition: the major share of chicken egg shell is 36% digestible calcium. It also contains magnesium (0,65%), potassium (0.11 percent), phosphorus (0,13%), sulfur, aluminum, iron. The exact content in the shell of these elements depends on what the chicken eats.

Eggshell has a different crystalline structure than lime or chalk, so she is well «digested» by the soil. Compared with other sources of calcium and minerals that shell is the best fertilizer!

Realizing the importance of natural and organic fertilizer in agriculture, company RusAgroGrupp took care of the drying and packaging of the eggshell itself. We carefully washed and thoroughly dried egg shells. High temperature during drying is the guarantor of the microbiological safety of the product! Then shredded it and Packed in paper bags weighing up to 30kg.

Sell dried crushed eggshells in any quantities!

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